Breathe Healthy, Live Heathly

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When you think of living healthier, what do you normally think about? I can’t read your mind and I can probably guess that you are thinking of eating healthy and exercise. That is what most people think about when they consider their health. But, there are many other things in your environment that can cause you to have bad health. Something you have probably never thought about is the air your breathe. You might not be able to do anything about the smog outside but you can change the air in your house!

First of all, on really smoggy days, avoid opening your windows and letting that bad air in your house. If you want a breeze in the house, invest in a fan. Better yet, invest in a fan that is also an air cleaner. You can pick one of these up for a relatively low price and after your first cleaning, you will see what you have been breathing without it!

Next, you have to consider your air ducts. Most homes are equipped with central heating and air conditioning in today’s world but how many people actually clean out their ducts? I’m not talking about once or twice a year cleaning either. You have to clean these often to make sure you are not breathing polluted air. If you don’t clean your air ducts, pollen, dust, and even mold can accumulate in your air ducts and will be passed through the air and eventually into your lungs. These things can cause sickness and other negative side effects. Now you are probably seeing what air has to do with your health!

Another thing that you can do is go on the offense. Invest in some plants, especially spider plants as they absorb carbon monoxide (poisonous to humans!) and other dangerous gases. Plants will absorb all of the carbon dioxide in the household and produce fresh oxygen for everybody! Last time I checked, humans need oxygen to live and there is nothing better than having your on oxygen plant inside your home.

We are not scientists on airborne illness and things of that matter so we encourage you to do more research to convince yourself that you need to breath healthy to be healthy. Believe me, it is an important part of health that many people don’t even consider. So when you are trying to get healthier and are focusing on diet and exercise, make sure not to forget about the air your breathe as well.

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