Burn Fat the Right Way For Good Health

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When it comes to losing fat, it seems the prevailing advice is either too hard (eat a perfect diet and work out all the time) or too easy (take a pill that melts away fat!) In truth, the real solution is somewhere in between those two extremes, and can be different for each individual depending on age, weight, fitness level, etc. If you are aiming to specifically target fat and help speed up the process of losing it for a leaner, healthier look, there are proven and effective ways to do that.

Drink plenty of water.
People who reach for water as opposed to soda, juice, wine, or other drinks are doing their body a big favor, and potentially burning more fat, too. While most drinks give you added sugar or calories, water actually helps increase your metabolism when you drink about 2 glasses. A recent study found that 10 minutes after subjects drank water, their metabolism increased by 30%!

Lift weights. More muscle equals better fat burning, since muscle can actually burn nine times more calories than fat can. When you lift weights regularly, your body is better able to burn fat, even when sitting still! Plus, when you weight train, the benefits last for a few hours afterward, so your body is still working to burn off fat even after the workout has ended.

Go fishing.
People who eat fish often – about four servings a week – have lower levels of leptin, a hormone, than people who don’t. Leptin is actually associated with obesity and a slow metabolism, so reduceing your levels is good for your health, and fish like salmon and tuna helps you do this.

Milk really does your body good. Dairy products may get a bad rap every now and then – and really do cause problems for people who are lactose intolerant – but eating low-fat dairy has actually been proven to help people lose fat. Having yogurt, cheese and milk (of the low-fat variety, of course) is one trick that can help you lose those few pounds that are hanging on.

There’s no magic solution to having a lean, toned, healthy body at any age. It does take work and discipline. The rewards are well worth it though, when you know you’re going to be living a longer, healthier life. It doesn’t have to be all hard work, however, with a few easy fat burning tricks up your sleeve!

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