Bust Through That Annoying Plateau

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It’s a familiar scenario for anyone who has successfully lost weight with a specific goal in mind. Things were going great: you were working out consistently, eating healthy foods and working steadily toward your goal weight. Then suddenly, without warning, it hits – the dreaded plateau. You’re doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge. The worst part about any weight plateau is the effect it has on your motivation and your positive thinking. You begin to feel frustrated and wonder if your goal is simply out of reach. Before you let the plateau get the best of you, try some simple, proven techniques to get the scale moving in the right direction.

1. Change up your workout. When you workout using the same routine over and over, your body actually gets used to that routine and can basically complete it on autopilot. Your muscles know the movement, your lungs and heart are used to the particular effort you expend, so there’s no real challenge or push anymore. Even just a small change could help you get back on track, like making the workout longer, doing your usual routine in a different order, or upping the weights or reps you are doing. Another good move is to throw something unexpected in your routine every few days. If you are a biker, go running or hiking. Use a weight machine you don’t usually use. try a new activity, like a cardio class. Anything to jolt your muscles out of their routine will do your body and your weight good.

2. Go to sleep. People who have a bad night’s sleep eat more the next day. When you’re tired, it’s easier to talk yourself into that extra serving or delicious snack. Do this too often, and your weight will start to head in the other direction! The key is to address the sleep issues you are facing. Having trouble falling asleep? Try creating a soothing a bedtime routine or going to bed a few minutes sooner each night. If you can’t stay asleep, make sure the room isn’t too hot and that you don’t drink a lot of liquids in the hours leading up until bedtime. When you’re getting more sleep, your body is also able to naturally produce more Human Growth Hormone, which can help increase metabolism and promote fat loss.

3. Add HGH. Speaking of Human Growth Hormone, it might be wise to supplement if you’re not already. Especially if you’re in your 30’s or older, boosting your levels of HGH with a safe, natural supplement will help your body replace the HGH that it isn’t producing on it’s own anymore as you age. The benefits of HGH supplementation that could help you on your weight loss journey include better digestion and more energy.

4. Boost your fiber intake. Foods containing more fiber take your body longer to digest. Not only does this mean you’ll feel full longer, but your body also uses up more energy in the act of digesting fiber-rich foods. Good choices for fiber include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

5. Put down the drink. If you like to relax and unwind with a cold one or a glass of wine, make sure you pay attention to how much and how often. It could be that those extra calories are sneaking up on you, or you’re pairing your beverage of choice with a snack and not realizing how much extra you’re consuming. Try cutting back a little and see if that gets the scale moving.

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