Calico – Google’s New Anti-Aging Company

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Google is branching out beyond the search business. Last year, the company launched Calico, a tech-focused healthcare research company. Calico is being run by Art Levinson, former chairman of biotech firm Genentech, and current chairman at Apple.
In today’s world, healthcare and technology are so intertwined, it is no wonder Google wants to get involved. Calico seeks to tackle the mysteries of aging, listing its mission as: harnessing the advanced technology of today and the future in order to increase human being’s understanding of the biological mechanisms that control the aging process. Once this understanding has been reached, the company plans to develop technologies that will help people live longer lives.
The company boasts a number of medical and technology specialists, including:

• Hall Barron – formerly CMO at Hoffmann-La Roche
• David Botstein – professor of genomics at Princeton University
• Cynthia Kenyon – genetics and biology researcher from the UC San Francisco
• Robert Cohen – former oncology researcher at Genentech
• Jonathan Lewis – UCB Pharma executive

According to the company website, the team plans to tackle problems such as finding cures for aging-associated diseases. Of course, they are just getting started, and have not had the opportunity to make much progress. In fact, the company’s website was only launched a couple of weeks ago.

Fortune Magazine states that Calico may begin by studying the aging process at a genetic level. The entire genome has been coded, making it possible for researchers to begin studying the genomes of healthy octogenarians to see what genetic differences there are between them and groups who tend to have a shorter lifespan.

There has been no mention of work on anti-aging hgh oral spray but that may be coming soon.

The company is considered to be the idea of Google Ventures managing partner Bill Maris. While Maris looked around and saw hundreds of companies looking at improving quality of live through medication and technology, few attempted to focus on the root causes of aging, at the cellular level. It’s expected that this area is where the team at Calico will begin; by finding these genetic and cellular causes, and beginning to find solutions from there.

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