Can These Yoga Moves Make You Look Younger?

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Working out can definitely make you look more toned, help you lose a few pounds, or increase your strength and endurance, but can specific workout moves actually make you look younger? Many fitness experts claim that by doing certain exercises, you can actually bring back some of that lost youth. What are these exercises, and do they actually work? The exercises are simple and effective yoga poses and stretches that can be incorporated into any fitness routine. Try these moves and get ready for the clock to turn back!

Many yoga practitioners claim that the following “anti-aging” yoga poses will help your face look more youthful. How is this possible? The poses that have you put your head below waist level causes a blood rush to the head, which in turn improves circulation in your head and face. This increase of nutrients and oxygen to the head area helps your skin look tighter and also helps with drainage so your face and neck will look less puffy. The “head below the waist” moves, with a focus on proper breathing while holding the poses, actually helps your skin produce more collagen and leads to younger looking skin. Which moves provide these benefits?

The Plow and the similar Shoulder Stand

The Plow requires you to lie on the floor with your legs pointing straight up to the ceiling. Lay your arms along your body, and then press your hands into the floor to help you lift your abs and then your legs up and over your head. Hopefully, you are limber enough for your feet to touch the floor behind your head, but if not it’s okay. You can put your hands on your back to support your weight. Hold for about 45 seconds.

The Shoulder Stand starts with The Plow, and then you will lift your legs straight up toward the ceiling one leg at a time, holding your body as straight as you can for one to three minutes.

The Downward Facing Dog and the similar Forward Bend

For the Downward Facing Dog, start on your hands and knees. Bend your knees and pull yourself into what looks like an inverted V. As you keep your feet shoulder-distance apart, try to reach your heels to the floor and your butt up toward the ceiling.

For the Forward Bend, stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Bend forward from your hips, hanging your top half of your body toward your toes. Relax your neck and cross your arms, letting the weight of your upper body pull you gently down and hold for 45 seconds to a minute.

The Fish

Although for this pose your head won’t be below waist level, it will still effectively circulate blood to your head. Lay on the floor on your back. Put your hands under your backside. Press your elbows into the floor, lift your chest up toward the ceiling, and arch your back. Drop your head back so it gently rests on the floor.

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