Chase Utley Allowed To Use HGH?

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The MLB has banned the use of human growth hormone for its players. So far, not much has changed since the start of human growth hormone testing, except for a few players complaining about the process and some very proud that the league has started the testing process. However, one former MLB player believes that some players, like Chase Utley, should definitely be allowed to use human growth hormone while playing baseball. This former player happens to be someone that was accused of using steroids in the Mitchell Report, David Segui.

So, why would he say that Utley should be allowed to use HGH, the banned substance. He believes that to use HGH is not a performance enhancing drug unless you combine it testosterone, which would obviously be caught by the current steroid tests. While human growth hormone is a touchy subject when it comes to sports, I personally don’t think it should banned other than players who use it without a prescription. If a player has a prescription for medicine, they are allowed to take that, unless its human growth hormone of course. How is that fair?

Segui says the substance will definitely help Utley’s knee problems and stop his recurring knee problems. He believes it isn’t a performance enhancing drug. Instead, it lets you have a better quality of life without having to deal with serious joint pain from injuries or other things, like arthritis.

So, what are your thoughts on the subject? Are professional sports leagues going overboard by banning the substance league-wide? We would love your input with a comment below!

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