Check Your Cabinet for These Anti-Aging Helpers

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You may reach into your kitchen cabinet for the ingredients for your go-to weeknight dinner, or for the ingredients in that newest dessert recipe you want to try. You can also go to some common items in your cabinet for simple anti-aging remedies that can turn back the hands of time on your face and hands. More affordable than those pricey creams, and likely already in your home, these simple ingredients can help you look younger, naturally!

Oils. If you have coconut oil, you can apply it to your face before a warm bath or shower. It is good for helping lessen the appearance of both wrinkles and stretch marks. Also, ripe avocado may make a delicious guacamole, but it can also help you fight dull skin. The essential oils in avocado help give your skin a healthy, youthful glow. Just mash the avocado and allow it to sit on your skin for up to 15 minutes.

Lemon juice. If you are battling age spots, lemon juice is what you should reach for. Apply the lemon juice directly to noticeable age spots and rub in, then let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse your face, and then be sure to put on some moisturizer because it can dry out your skin. Lemon juice is also effective at preventing wrinkles and brightening your skin.

Honey. Bears may be crazy about the sweet taste, but you can be excited about honey’s skin-saving benefits. It has antioxidant properties and is anti-microbial, making it great for treating skin irritation and sunburn. It makes a great ingredient for a face mask when paired with yogurt, oatmeal, banana, egg or a number of other ingredients. It can also be mixed with brown sugar and milk and used as a gentle exfoliant.

Sea salt. We as a nation are eating too much salt, according to many published reports, but what about using it as an anti-aging remedy? In this case, salt actually benefits your health thanks to a high mineral content that will help your skin look young and fresh. Making a scrub with sea salt and ingredients such as lemon, lavender, or citrus zest can help remove dead skin cells that make your skin look dull, open clogged pores, and provide balance to your skin’s moisture level.

Your cabinet can be a treasure trove of anti-aging helpers if you know what to look for. Using these common ingredients that you probably already have on hand will give you that healthy glow you are looking for, and provide your skin with some surprising health benefits.

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