Choosing The Right Multi-Vitamin

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If you have been following our blog for any period of time, or are just a follower of health, you know how important a multi-vitamin can be for your health. Unless you eat a completely perfect diet, you are lacking certain nutrients that a vitamin supplement can deliver to you. However, just like any supplements, all multi-vitamins are not made the same. In fact, some are downright bad!

The wrong levels of vitamin content in a multi-vitamin can actually make the vitamins toxic. Our body was made to absorb vitamins and minerals from real food, not synthetic sources in pills. For that reason, you should never go for a multi-vitamin that has 500% of the recommended daily allowance, or the RDA. Fat-soluble vitamins can store in your body fat and when the fat is used for energy, the vitamin content comes out and poisons your body with those stored vitamins. Water soluble vitamins don’t do this however, so they are safer in higher amounts. It is recommended that you go with a vitamin supplements with as high as 200% of the RDA to be safe.

Of course, some brands are better than others. That is the case for everything that is out there, from car brands to potato chip brands. There is always the good and the bad. That is why you don’t want to budget yourself when it comes to multi-vitamins. The more expensive a vitamin supplement is, the higher the quality of the vitamin content in the supplement, in general. Some brands use low quality, synthetic vitamins in their supplements. Other brands take the vitamins from actual food sources, like vitamin C from oranges and vitamin A from carrots. The more natural the supplement is, the better.

It is also recommended to get a multi-vitamin that does more than just give you vitamins and minerals. There are supplements now that are made for men, women, boys, and girls. They are made to support the age range and the sex of the individual. These are the best multi-vitamins to use, because one-fits-all multi-vitamins don’t cater to all situations!

Hopefully this post opened your eyes about one of the most important health supplements out there. Have any more tips about multi-vitamins? Please let us, as well as the other readers know with a comment below!

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