Common Sense Advice for Avoiding Workout Mistakes

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Sometimes, it may feel like we’re being bombarded with information in magazines, online and on television about how to achieve the perfect workout. While we know there really is no perfect workout, there are many ways to perfect your own routine by paying attention to the mistakes you – yes, you – may be making. We would all like to think we are above making common workout mistakes, but the truth is, many people unknowingly wreck their workouts. Don’t be one of those people! Here is some common sense advice to help you enhance your performance and meet your fitness goals.

Many people fall into the same routine when working out, and this can lead to a frustrating plateau. If you are not challenging yourself to do one more minute, one more rep, or one more lap, you may not be challenging yourself enough. While it is important to find a routine that works and is appropriate, over time our bodies become more efficient at doing the same old routine. Adding to or changing your routine, even a little, can produce better results and help you push through that plateau.

Have you ever completed a set of reps and realized you were zoned out the whole time, letting your mind wander? Not focusing on the task at hand could spell workout disaster, resulting in incorrect technique or potential injury. Whether you swim, lift weights or run, using the proper form and paying attention to how your body is moving could mean the difference between an exhilarating workout…or a session with the icepack.

It may seem simplistic, but be sure that no matter which workout routine you call your own, you use the proper equipment in the proper way. Lifting? Choose the right weights for your ability level. Need a new pair of shoes? Choose ones that are designed for the workout you plan to do…any old sneaker could do you more harm in the long run.

Here’s a surprising mistake many people make: not eating enough food. This tip is important for both your fitness and your overall health. It may seem obvious or, for those trying to lose weight, counter intuitive, but eating more could give your workouts the boost they need. If you are expending energy with your workout but not replacing that energy with food in the proper quantity and nutrition, your body will not be able to work at its maximum potential. Eating more and exercising more will actually boost your metabolism and allow your body to work more efficiently.

Your workout routine is as individual as you are. Even though you may come across a wealth of tips and advice, if you work out smarter and avoid mistakes, you can receive the most benefits from your routine and continue to look better and feel younger.

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