Common Supplement Myths

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At 21st Century HGH, we believe that supplements are great. However, many myths about supplements are out there and scaring a few people away. This post will talk about some of the myths about supplements, good and bad.

Myth 1: Supplements Make Diet Unimportant

This is ridiculous. People think that taking nutritional supplements is a replacement for good nutrition. This is completely false. They are called supplements for a reason. They exist to supplement your already healthy living plan.

Myth 2: All Muscle Building Supplements Are Like Steroids

Completely outrageous and false! If a supplement is legal, it is not even close to a steroid. Whey protein, creatine, HGH, and other muscle buidling supplements are not steroids so don’t worry.

Myth 3: Supplements Aren’t Safe.

This is also false. If these supplements weren’t safe, the FDA wouldn’t allow these products to be sold. If a supplement isn’t FDA approved, then you probably should steer clear of it, just to be safe.

Myth 4: Studies Have Shown That Supplements Are Useless

False again. While there are studies out there that have found that supplements don’t produce results, many more studies exist that show they produce results. One study’s findings are useless unless there are many other studies showing the same exact thing.

So there is a brief post on 4 of the most common supplement myths. While there are many more out there, these are the ones that most people think about when it comes to supplements. If you have any other supplement myths, please post them in the comment section!

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