Components Of Overall Fitness

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Having a well balanced physical fitness level is something that contributes to great health. This article will show you the factors of physical fitness and what you can do to excel in each area.

1. Strength – Being able to lift a certain amount of weight.

You can increase strength by following a weight training routine focused around strength. Focus on compound movements with heavy weight and low repetitions.

2. Power – Combination of strength and speed.

You can follow your strength training routine as mentioned earlier. However, when you are performing the repetitions, try doing the positive motion as fast as possible. Also, plyometrics can be implemented for power.

3. Speed – Execute specific actions in the shortest time possible.

You will want to go to the park, jogging trail, or even a treadmill for this. You will have to incorporate sprinting to get faster.

4. Endurance – Perform specific actions over a long period of time.

You will want to take long jogs on the treadmill or at your local jogging route. The longer you run, the more endurance you will build.

5. Agility – Change positions as fast as possible

There are good things to raise the agility of an individual. I would recommend plyometric training for agility, which can also increase power.

6. Flexibility – Ability to stretch further.

Just incorporate a consistent stretching routine every day and you will build up your flexibility for sure. Luckily, flexibility is probably the easiest part of physical fitness. However, many people overlook it so don’t fall into that!

7. – Balance – Control yourself under unbalanced situations.

There isn’t something in the gym that you can really do with your balance, other than in static situations. For static situations, a balance ball can work great. For dynamic situations, the best way to gain balance is to have fun! That’s right, go ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, roller blading, surfing, and anything else that requires good balance. The more you practice, the better your balance will get!

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