Cut This From Your Diet to Improve Your Mood & Memory?

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In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to focus on the whole body, not just weight loss, muscle gain, or other physical indications of health. The brain and outlook are just as important in helping you to live a longer, healthier life. Depression can cause people to eat more, lose interest in exercise or other hobbies, and withdraw from life. Your brain is a key player in motivation, hunger, positive thinking and healing. The Human Growth Hormone naturally present in your body, plus any HGH supplementing you do, also helps keep your memory sharp and your outlook positive. But researchers in Australia have recently discovered that there’s something many people eat that can actually cause them to suffer from memory problems plus depression.

This common enemy of good health is none other than . . . junk food. More specifically, a high fat, high sugar diet. That’s right, the very same enemies of natural HGH production can also fog your memory and cause you to feel blue, according to researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Even worse, the study conducted and published in the journal of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity found that unhealthy changes could occur in as little as one week!

The new study was conducted to determine if there was actually a link between obesity and psychiatric problems, cognition, and depression, as many have long suspected. In order to find out, researchers studied the effect of a diet high in fat and sugar on lab rats. The rats were fed specific diets for one week, either healthy foods, junk food, or healthy food with sugar water. Not only did the rats in the junk food and sugar water groups have problems with memory and cognition after only a week, they also did not recover to their previous state after going back to healthy eating.

Another problem researchers in Australia discovered was that the rats had inflammation in the part of the brain that deals with spatial memory. Inflammation is a condition associated with obesity, and the research now shows that it can occur in the brain as well as the body. Inflammation is also the culprit that leads to many diseases, including heart problems and cancer, and it can cause body parts, such as the skin, to age prematurely and make people look and feel older.

They key public takeaway from the University’s study is that diet can play a huge role in overall health as we age. Older people who don’t eat well could be at a higher risk for decline, memory problems, disease and more. Cutting the junk food out of any diet, especially foods loaded with sugar and fat, can not only help improve your body, but now we know it can help improve your mind, too!

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