Dairy Products

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Do you eat/drink a lot of dairy products? Do you think that they are important for your overall health? Some people don’t think that dairy products are very important and some people avoid them altogether, which is detrimental to your health. Lets take a look at what dairy products have to offer which make them such a good choice for your nutrition!


Dairy products are rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Of course, you already know that you need all of these in your diet to be the healthiest you can be. While some dairy products have too much unhealthy fats, you can always go for the low fat option, which is easily obtained. Unfortunately, dairy products contain lactose, which is something that a lot of people in the world have to avoid, due to their intolerance. If that isn’t the case for you, you shouldn’t be avoiding dairy products at all. Dairy products contain some of the best bio available proteins found in any food, so take advantage!


Dairy products are very rich in micronutrients, or otherwise known as vitamins and minerals. Your body can’t produce micronutrients by itself and you need them to live a healthy life, so getting ample amounts of them on a daily basis is critical! Vitamin A, D, calcium, and iron are just a few of the micronutrients that dairy products are rich in.

Fat loss

When I say fat loss, many people aren’t thinking dairy products are a good choice. In fact, many people cut out dairy products because they are very calorie-rich. However, did you know that dairy products contain CLA, an acid that is known to speed up fat loss? While you can supplement with CLA, why not get it from a natural source?


Dairy products come in all different shapes and forms. You can get sweet products like chocolate milk or fruit flavored yogurts. You can get highly nutritious products, like milk and cheese. You can find thousands of recipes to use with dairy products. You can consume them from sun up to sun down. There is no limit to what you can do with dairy products, so what reason do you have to keep them out of your diet?

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