Do You Know the Most Effective Way to Take HGH?

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The chatter among the medical community, professional sports figures, and product advertisements could lead many to feel confusion over taking HGH supplements. Athletes inject HGH, often in combination with other performance enhancers. Some from the medical community say injecting is the only effective way to supplement with HGH, as pills and sprays do not transport the substance effectively. Advertisements will have you believing that every method is the best method . . . or the worst, if it’s what a competitor is doing. What information can you trust, and how can you most effectively take HGH in order to be in peak physical health?

Would you be surprised to learn that an hgh oral spray is one of the most effective ways to take a human growth hormone supplement, if not the most effective way? In fact, according to the Physician’s Desk Reference, the Bible of the medical community, taking an under the tongue spray will give you an absorption rate of 92%, which is better than injections, pills or patches! In fact, the spray method has the highest absorption percentage of all the methods. According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, injections have only an 80% absorption rate, while capsules and pills are 15% and 10% respectively. Many medical professionals have relied on sprays of various medications for years now. Heart patients who take self-administered medicines use a spray form, because many states have passed legislation that rules this is the most effective delivery method. And those yearly flu shots are mostly no longer shots, they are actually administered quickly and painlessly as a nasal spray.

In order to reap the benefits of HGH supplementation, you want to spend your money wisely on a product and method that is as effective as possible. Going with an oral spray will ensure you get the maximum dosage of HGH directly into your system, without a lot of the extra ingredients some other methods have to include. Why does the spray method rank superior? First of all, when the supplement is sprayed under the tongue, it goes directly to the tissue and is then absorbed directly into the bloodstream, where it can be rapidly delivered where it needs to be. When you take a pill, or even a gel capsule, it first is delivered to the stomach, which then has to dissolve it and then deal with the filler material that has to be included to make the pill a pill. These ingredients include starch, sugar and yeast . . . not HGH.

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