Does Winter Age Your Skin?

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We know that certain things can age your skin: spending too much time in the sun, smoking, or not taking care of skin when we are younger, for example. But what about winter? Is it possible that the season of ice and snow, skiing and skating, wool hats and snow boots can actually cause your skin to look older then it really is? The answer is, of course, yes. Here is what to watch out for during the upcoming winter season.

Not using the right moisturizer. Did you know that winter is your skin’s second-worst enemy, right behind the sun? The cold temperatures and dry air stress your skin out because they suck out a lot of the moisture your skin needs. This makes your skin more prone to damage and can actually trigger inflammation, which in turn triggers aging. So during the winter, you need a richer moisturizing cream that will protect your vulnerable skin from dryness, cracked skin, flakes and…aging.

Not using SPF in the winter. It’s easy to remember sunscreen in the summer, because just one day in the sun without it is enough to remind you of the consequences for years to come. However, just because it is cold and the sun is further away in the winter doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. Just the contrary, in fact! Snow amplifies the sunlight just like water does, so in actuality your skin is exposed to sun damage as much in the winter as it is in the summer.

Taking long hot showers and using harsh soaps. There’s nothing better than a long hot shower or bath on a cold day, right? Well, not for your skin. The hot shower session dry out your skin, as do the harsh soaps and cleansers you might be using. So it ends up being a double whammy, with both the hot water and the cleansers drying out your skin and leaving it itchy and prone to infection. Turn down the hot water, shorten the soaks and always moisturize when you are done.

Not protecting your lips and hands. Your lips and hands are out there all the time, exposed to the elements, touching things, and getting washed frequently to prevent sickness. However, all that exposure can age lips and hands and lead to wrinkles and damage. Protect your lips with nourishing balms and your hands with moisturizing creams, and nobody will be able to guess your age by looking at those body parts!

This winter, you can get out and have fun in the cold winter snow or curl up by a hot fire without the misery of itchy, dry, flaking skin. Take the time to protect your skin every day and it will look more youthful and feel soft and soothed.

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