Don’t Commit These 5 Skin Sins

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You’re doing everything right – or so you think. You’re protecting your skin from the sun, eating foods with healthy antioxidants, and taking a supplement such as HGH to help your skin cells repair and restore themselves for a younger, healthier look. But what if you’re doing all of that and are still unhappy with your skin’s appearance? Check to make sure you aren’t committing any of these surprising skin sins.

  • Eating lots of salt and/or sugar. Both of these will wreak havoc on your skin’s appearance, but for different reasons. Too much sodium can draw the moisture from your skin, leaving it looking dry and lackluster. Cutting the amount of sodium in your diet not only has other health saving benefits, but it can help keep your skin moisturized. Sugar can actually harm your skin’s collagen and eventually you’ll see the dreaded skin sag. Getting sugar from sources like fruit is healthier for you and will improve your skin’s appearance, too.
  • Frequent weight changes. If you’re a yo-yo dieter, watch out for the effect on your a skin. Gaining and losing weight causes the fibers in your skin to stretch and eventually, just like an elastic, the stretchiness will be gone and all you’ll be left with is skin that sags and has stretch marks from being stretched and tightened over time.
  • Lack of sleep. We know now that too little sleep can cause (or exacerbate) many health conditions. It’s also hard on your skin. You know you’ve slept too little when you look in the mirror and see those puffy bags under your eyes, but you may not know that the dull pallor and clogged pores are also a result of too little shut eye, because while you sleep, your skin is getting a necessary repair session to help add moisture and clear away impurities.
  • Keeping the A/C on high. Ahh, summertime. There’s nothing better than enjoying the cool indoor air while it’s hot outside . . . unless you’re skin, of course. Keeping an air conditioner on high for long periods of time draws the moisture right out of the air, which in turn draws the moisture right out of your skin!
  • Stress. This is the big one, as far as skin health is concerned. When you are stressed, your skin could be subjected to frequent breakouts, a less-than healthy appearance, and even rashes. Not to mention, if you’re constantly stressed and frowning or keeping your face in a worried or frustrated expression, over time those will set into deeper wrinkles and lines that will cause you to always look worried or stressed out. The best remedy here, other than a proven wrinkle reducer such as HGH? Laughter, of course, is the best medicine!

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