Don’t Let Exercise Boredom Derail Your Fitness Goals

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Do you ever feel stuck in a workout rut? You’ve found an exercise regimen that works for you and feels comfortable. Then suddenly, as you’re on your morning jog, or at the gym doing your weight training routine, you suddenly realize . . . you’re bored. It’s time to spice up your fitness regimen. Don’t let exercise boredom get the best of you. Here are some suggestions that are sure to get you pumped about your fitness routine again and help to enhance your performance!

If cross training sounds like something only serious athletes do, don’t worry, it’s not. And cross training is a great way to break out of your fitness rut. Simply put, cross training means that you mix your regular workout with a new activity. By doing this, you stimulate your brain and your body! Is there a sport you’ve always been interested in? A new workout you’ve wanted to try? This is the perfect way to gain new skills while still working on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Do you usually like to work out alone? Or maybe you’re a social butterfly and only exercise when you have a group offering support and conversation. This may work great for you . . . most of the time. But have you noticed that your group does more talking and less working out lately? Or maybe since you always exercise by yourself, you’ve stopped holding yourself accountable and skipped a few workouts, or didn’t do as many reps as you know you are capable of. If this is the case, you may need to change up your workout style. Solo exercisers benefit from joining a group, and conversely, if your group has gone stale you can try going solo for a few workouts.

There are many other ways to inject some life into your routine. Hire a personal trainer for one session, and see what new ideas start flowing. If you normally work out indoors, go outside a few days a week, or vice versa. Give yourself an attainable yet difficult goal, such as training for a marathon or triathlon. The main idea here is that once you’ve noticed you’re in a workout holding pattern, you can start to seek out new challenges, ideas and experiences to add to your repertoire. Once you do, you’ll notice that old spark is back and your fitness routine begins to feel fun and functional again!

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