Don’t Waste Your Workout Doing These Exercises!

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Exercising regularly for good health is an important commitment. Between work, everyday activities, and time spent with friends and family, it can sometimes seem nearly impossible to fit that workout in. However, most of us know that for our health, our stress level and our appearance, working out is time well spent. Unfortunately, there are several exercises you probably already do that are wasting your precious workout time. Ditch these unnecessary exercises and you can devote yourself to a fitness routine that helps you achieve your goals without wasting your time.

Crunches. Everybody wants a toned tummy and secretly dreams about the fabled six-pack abs. So we dutifully do our crunches, day in and day out, waiting for the results we have been promised. However, according to researchers at San Diego State University, crunches aren’t effective at strengthening the abdominal or oblique muscles! A better alternative would be the plank, or regular time spent doing Pilates, yoga, or swimming.

The Leg Press. You might think this is a great weight machine at the gym, where else could you lay back and work the biggest muscles in your body? The truth is, this exercise can do far more harm than good. It stresses out your lower back and could lead to knee injuries. A better bet for getting those thighs in shape would be to do squats or lunges instead.

Triceps Exercise. Perhaps you were told that the triceps push up, where you hold your body off a flat surface and push up using the muscles along the back of your upper arm, is a great way to get rid of upper arm wobble. However, this exercise might not target those triceps like you think. As you perform the movement, you may be relying more on the shoulder and back muscles than triceps. Plus, as you get going, you may be using momentum rather than muscle strength to complete the exercise. Doing a triangle push up, where you place your hands under your chest in a triangle to do the push up movement, is much more effective.

Stairmaster. Going up stair is great exercise, so many people assume this machine is super effective. But with most people using poor form, slumping over or hanging off the machine, the machine never fulfills the purpose. Plus, with the unnatural stepping action most people use when on the machine, knee problems could be all you’ll come away with.

Don’t waste those hard-earned workout sessions doing movements that have no benefit or could potentially cause you harm. Choose exercises that are suited to you and you’ll see positive results in no time.

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