Eating Akaline

 In Nutrition

When you think of eating healthy, you usually just think about getting the right macro and micro nutrients. However, there is definitely something that you have to pay attention to as well. The acidic or alkaline content of the food can have very significant effects on your overall health.

With a proper diet, 80% of food intake should be alkaline based and the other 20% should be acidic. If you don’t know the most common alkaline foods, I suggest that you look them up. Your body can become overly acidic and the pH imbalance can cause major issues, especially with your digestive system.

An alkaline diet is especially important for athletic people that exercise a lot. Athletes definitely need to eat an alkaline diet. Even if you are not as active as some people, an alkaline diet is very important. It is relatively easy to eat alkaline as well. Just look at highly acidic foods and switch them for alkaline foods. You can find a database of alkaline and acidic foods online with a quick search on your favorite search engine!

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