Eating Cheap & Healthy

 In Nutrition

Since the economy is in the hole at the moment, many people are trying to save money. Sometimes, this means that they stop eating healthy to preserve funds. However, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, contrary to what a lot of people think. This post will help you eat healthy while staying under the budget.

Prepackaged Foods

Many people believe that prepackaged health meals are healthy. In fact, many of them are full of perservations and much less healthy than making your own snacks and meals. Another reason to stay away from them is the price. Most of the time, they are more expensive then buying ingredients to make the same meal yourself!


Almost all fruits and vegetables are good for you in some way or another. Instead of buying your favorites, go for the ones on sale. You will find healthy recipes for any food in the world. If fruits and vegetables are not in season, the fresh price will go up. In that case, frozen is your best choice for cheap food that is still healthy. Many frozen foods maintain their nutritional value. Just make sure to buy fruit and vegetables where no sugar or preservatives are added.


Many people will go to fast food (which is relatively expensive and very unhealthy) when they believe that it is too late to make a meal. That is why it is always smart to plan ahead. If you are going to need a lunch on the go, make a healthy lunch beforehand so you can take it with you. That way, you will avoid having to go out to eat. If you get stuck at the office and it gets too late to cook a large meal, make sure you have quick and healthy recipes as a back up. Just being prepared for anything can make food much less expensive and much healthier.

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