Escape These Sugar Traps for Better Health

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As children, it seemed sugar was the ultimate prize: the more sugary a food or drink was, the better. Now, as adults, we are learning the true effects of consuming all that sugar, and even how today’s “sugar” is vastly different from what was found in our childhood candies and desserts. Now, more than ever, we are eating to stay healthy and prolong our lives, while keeping our bodies free from disease and debilitating conditions. On top of that, those that supplement with Human Growth Hormone know that limiting sugar helps keep levels of HGH optimal. Food manufacturers aren’t making it easy on us, however, as sugar has cloaked itself in many forms and found its way into some surprising foods. Here is what you need to know to take control of this sweet saboteur once and for all.

The difference between the sugar of yesteryear and today’s sugar-packed foods can be found in one little word: added. Added sugars can be in the form of syrups, or in additives listed on the label under sneaky words. The reason our sugar intake is so high is due in part to the fact that companies put these added sugars in many foods that we wouldn’t even suspect need excess sugar. Their reasons are many: some companies that produce diet or low-fat products add lots of sugar so the foods taste better, while other companies add sugar or sweeteners to food and drinks knowing that the flavor will hook people and get them to buy more of their products.

The effects of all this extra sugar is staggering. A little sugar is okay, and is found in healthy items such as fruits, dark chocolate, and yogurt. However, the added sugars put us over the top for sugar consumption and lead to many health issues. Obesity and diabetes are the most frequently discussed problems caused by sugar, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Excess sugar can also lead to memory problems, tooth decay, depression, inflammation, wrinkles, vision problems, and artery troubles! Plus, eating a lot of sugar all at once can do damage to the liver as it tries to process it.

On top of our already sugary diet, people who are trying to diet or eat healthier may find that some of the foods they thought were good for them are actually sugar-packed culprits too. Some of the biggest offenders include milk, nonfat fruit yogurt, sports drinks, granola and energy bars, and condiments such as salad dressing, ketchup, and barbeque sauce. Some of these sugary foods are easy to replace with healthier versions, such as choosing plain yogurt and adding your own fruit, making your own salad dressing, baking at home or using a sugar substitute, and reducing your intake of soda, fruit juice, and other sugary drinks.

On top of being better for your overall health and longevity, escaping today’s sugar traps will also help you keep weight from creeping on as you age, and it will help your body process and use Human Growth Hormone more efficiently. Satisfy your sweet tooth, just do it smartly and don’t fall prey to advertising and media attempts to overload you with unhealthy sugar.

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