Fasting and its Effects on Anti-Aging

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It is a well known fact that most religions view fasting as being good for the soul. However, most people have yet to discover the benefits that fasting offers for the body and what they stand to gain by fasting. In the early 1900s, research by medical professionals led doctors to start recommending fasting as a treatment for various body disorders like diabetes and epilepsy. Abstinence was found to work effectively and the act of fasting continues to be recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle today.

Fasting, in itself, is without a doubt one of the most natural health improving techniques available today. According to medical research, fasting regularly helps to reduce the body’s metabolism rate which in turn serves as an anti-aging measure and a means of detoxifying the body. It was also noted that fasting for at least 8 days in a year has many additional benefits. For example, fasting not only provides for anti-aging in older people but it even aids in the treatment of cancer. When people starve themselves for a particular number of days, the body saves energy. After saving this energy, the body will recycle any cells that are not needed by the body.

There are many effects that fasting has on anti-aging. Benefits include:

• Building Your Immune System

One of the effects that fasting has on the body, and how it can serve as an anti-aging strategy, is that it helps to rebuild the immune system. Older people, whose immune systems have been damaged because of age, can realize great health benefits with fasting. Fasting also helps to rebuild the immune system of cancer patients – especially when they are undergoing chemotherapy. Because the body needs its immunity to fight sickness and disease, most medical practitioners recommend fasting to help to build the immune systems of people who have compromised immune systems.

• Increases Human Growth Hormone

According to research, it was also noted that fasting can help to cause a tremendous increase in the Human Growth Hormone. It was noted in the course of this research that fasting helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood and enhances the amount of cholesterol in the body. Results from the research showed that men who fasted for 24 hours recorded about a 2000% increase in Human Growth Hormone while women who tried it recorded a 1300% increase in HGH.

Though most people love the fact that fasting can offer a whole lot of benefits for them, they have failed to utilize this health strategy because of the fact that they do not want to go a day without eating. Fasting does not have to be extreme in order to offer health benefits. In fact, medical practitioners suggest starting with a 12 hour fast between dinner and breakfast. Once an individual becomes used to fasting, the more that they will be able to incorporate fasting as an ongoing strategy for their health and wellness, and the more benefits it will provide for them.

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