Feel Younger With Fido?

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Feeling younger is often a particular attitude or mindset rather than a strict set of rules or guidelines to follow. No matter how many advanced breakthrough creams you buy, or workouts you complete or healthy foods you eat, if you don’t feel great and have a positive outlook, looking younger isn’t going to enhance the quality of your life any more than having the latest gadget or reading the newest advice book will. The good news is, there are many things we can do to cultivate a healthy attitude towards life and help ourselves to feel calm, relaxed and happy. One proven way to feel like this may surprise you, and it involves the companionship of some small, furry creatures.

It’s true! Having a pet or pets can provide multiple benefits to your mood, your body and your mind! Not to mention the benefits your pet receives from having a happy, loving home. One of the most obvious benefits of having an active pet, such as a dog, is that they require daily exercise. And what’s good for your dog is good for you, too. Getting outside with your dog for walks can help improve your health, boost your immune system, and alleviate stress.

Pets, whether it’s a dog, cat or other domestic animal, can also have a very positive effect on mood and a person’s general outlook on life. People who own pets say they have a more relaxed lifestyle and more energy than people who don’t own pets. Animals also tend to do amusing things, like playing with toys, making goofy expressions or performing silly tricks, which can lighten any moment and lead to one of the best stress-busters around: laughter. People who laugh more are often less stressed.

Another area that animals are shown to have a great effect is in the treatment of depression and the recovery from surgeries, trauma, or other medical situations. Pets provide a stable, calming presence during life’s trying times, and can help people recover faster from injuries, and bounce back from disappointment. And even if you don’t have a pet of your own, you can still benefit from spending time with a friend or relative’s pet on a regular basis.

You may already be doing everything you can to lead a healthy, active lifestyle in order to ensure a long, happy, productive life. One easy and fun way to add to your life is to enjoy the companionship of a loyal, loving animal. Your pet can help lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, help you be more fit, and improve your mental state. These are all positive benefits that no one pill, cream, or “super” food can match. So give your pet a pat today and know that your bond will help ensure a happy, healthy tomorrow for both of you!

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