Fighting The Dessert Temptation

 In Nutrition

So you have made a promise to yourself that you are going to eat healthier. However, every night when you are sitting with the family enjoying your favorite television programming, your stomach starts to rumble and the sweet tooth attacks! Unhealthy desserts can definitely negatively impact the results you are expecting from eating healthy. But, how to you stop the craving?!?!? This article will give you some tips to do so!

First of all, you have to make sure you are eating throughout the day. Preferably, you want to eat every 3 hours in smaller meals rather than 3 large meals spread more than 4 hours apart. Next, you want to make sure you get adequate protein intake at dinner time. If you can avoid using too much salt, that is great too. Protein makes you fuller for a longer period of time and sodium can cause you to hold water and bloat, which makes you feel fuller than you really are. That is probably the reason you end up hungry for a snack a couple hours later.

Also, if those two tips don’t really work for you, try eating dinner at a later time. Some people eat dinner at 5 PM and don’t go to sleep until 10PM. By putting yourself on a 3 hour meal schedule, of course you see the problem of not eating for 5 hours! So, you can eat later and hopefully fix the problem. Don’t worry, eating before you go to sleep does not make you gain fat, unless of course you are over your daily calorie goals. If you stay within the range of daily caloric intake that you are supposed to, you will not gain any fat by eating before you go to sleep!

If none of these tips work for you, go for healthier desserts. Instead of cookies, cake, and all kinds of other processed sweet foods, go with more natural foods. You can eat fresh or frozen fruit and still calm that sweet tooth down without hurting your progress. Maybe add a little non-fat whip cream to the fruit to make it more sweet and tasty. Whip cream doesn’t contain that many calories if you don’t overdo it. I would recommend strawberries and whip cream. It has always satisfied my sweet tooth!

So, when you are about to give up and go to your local bakery for the dessert you have been craving for weeks, consider the tips in this article. You will be less hungry around dessert time and you will eat healthier desserts that are still satisfying to the sweet tooth. The best part, it doesn’t hinder your healthy eating progress and results!!! Do you have any healthy desserts? Share them with us in the comment section!!!

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