Fitness Trends That Are Here to Stay

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Even though every fitness guru or expert seems to want to jump on the marketing bandwagon with a video or product endorsement, only some of these fitness trends stand the test of time. For every Shake Weight or Thigh Master, there’s the stability ball or the continued popularity of home workouts. Which fitness trends are worth your time and money?

Fitness classes have always been a workout staple, and it seems that one popular class focusing on a specific type of workout gives way to the next quicker than you can sign up. One class that has endured is the boot camp style workout that incorporates military moves and a drill sergeant instructor. The martial arts-based workouts that saw the most popularity with Tae Bo are also effective and intense. Any kind of dance-based class is also popular, as evidenced by the Zumba class. Fitness classes have endured for many reasons, and are usually worth the time and money. In a room full of other people who have the same goals as you, led by a charismatic and motivating instructor, these classes can help you feel a sense of camaraderie as you burn fat and tone muscles.

Maybe the gym is not your favorite place to work out, and you would rather enjoy a workout in the comfort of your own home, away from prying eyes. Just because you work out at home doesn’t mean your workout can’t be extremely effective, as evidenced by the recent popularity of home-based programs like P90X and the Insanity workout. These are guaranteed to up your fitness level, as long as you can commit and keep up! Also, many people still like to do their weight training at home, and studies show that including weight training as part of your fitness routine has long-lasting benefits. So whether it’s a set of weights in your living room or the newest weight training equipment at the gym, this trend should be an integral part of your regimen.

Technology is everywhere. There are new gadgets and electronic products introduced everyday to help people with their workout routines. From the low-tech pedometer to the newest gadgets that monitor heart rate or instantly tweet your workout results, keeping up with working out through technology is likely a trend that is here to stay. Since many people have a smartphone, a variety of fitness apps have also sprung up that can help you log your workouts, give you new workout ideas, or instruct you on proper technique. As technology advances, its influence on the fitness world will likely increase as well.

While fitness products and equipment may come and go, the most enduring fitness trends evolve and change to meet demand, but still provide what we are all looking for: a toned, healthy and efficient body that looks and feels good.

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