Four Fast Fixes for Dry Winter Skin

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Face it, when it’s cold outside or the weather is snowy, wet, or bone-chilling cold, there’s no place better to be than inside where it’s toasty and cozy. However, all that dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin, making it look dry, dull and old. That wood burning fireplace, electric heater, or other heating device may keep you and your family warm despite the elements, but it also depletes the moisture in the air which can cause issues with your skin and hair, cause sore throat and dry nose, and lead to pesky static electricity, too. This, combined with the lack of moisture in outdoor winter air can make addressing the problem seem fruitless, but there are many ways to protect your skin in winter and leave it moisturized, glowing and looking younger.

Use a humidifier. This can be a lifesaver if the air in your home is dry, and it will be particularly useful if you leave it on overnight while you sleep. It will add some much needed moisture back into the air, and also provides skin-saving benefits. Indoor heat tends to pull water from your face, and while you’re sleeping is the most critical time since your skin’s moisture levels are at their lowest point. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, breathing easier and looking young and rested!

Up your moisturizer. A light moisturizer works well during the warm months, but during the winter you need to turn to more heavy duty products. Cold, dry air causes the amount of water and oil in skin to decrease, leaving deeper wrinkles and making your skin look less than refreshed. A good winter face wash with a creamy formula can help your skin retain more moisture, while a moisturizing face cream with fatty acids, linoleic acid, or ceramides will prepare your skin for a glowing day ahead. Don’t forget to apply a night cream before going to bed to help protect skin overnight.

Exfoliate! This is an important part of your skin care routine, especially during the winter months. A gentle exfoliating scrub used on your face will help remove dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull, plus it can help even out your skin tone. A body wash with exfoliating microbeads will do the same for your whole body, leaving behind glowing, smooth skin. Once all the extra dirt and dead cells are removed, your skin will be ready for a good dose of creamy moisturizer.

Protect your hands. You’re washing your hands frequently, and may be applying drying antibacterial hand sanitizer, too. While you are avoiding illness, you are also dealing with cracked, dry, painful hands that are unsightly and also allowing germs to get in through those tiny cuts. Make it a habit to apply a hand cream after you wash or sanitize, to help add lost moisture back to the skin and heal the cuts. Apply extra cream to your hands before you sleep, which will allow ample time for the moisture to work its way into your skin overnight.

Dry winter air, both indoors and out, is an annoyance for sure, but with these simple precautions, your skin can stay hydrated and glowing all winter long.

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