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As you research the plethora of vitamins and supplements in the market for the best ones that offer the most health benefits, there is a tree that you need to get to know – the moringa tree. The moringa tree, also referred to as “The Miracle Tree”, may be the most nutritious tree in the world.

Moringa Oleifera, also known by many names including Ben Oléifère, Drumstick Tree, and Horseradish Tree, is a plant grown in the tropics as well as in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The tree is commonly grown in home gardens and bear delicious and nutritious fruit called “drumsticks”. It is an extremely versatile plant that has numerous uses but it is best known in the healthcare field since all of its parts (bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves and root) contain healing properties that can be utilized in making medicine. Moringa has been known to prevent over three hundred different diseases. According to WebMD, some of the many medical uses of moringa include: anemia, reducing swelling that causes joint pain, stomach pain, ulcers, heart problems, high blood pressure, numerous infections, and even cancer. Even though the moringa tree shows great potential, it is best to consult your physician before taking moringa since findings from research into its possible side effects are still preliminary.

In Africa and India and other parts of the world, moringa is utilized as a source of food. It is desired because it can be grown at low cost and can be prepared many ways using the green pods, the seeds that come from the pods, and the leaves from the tree. Moringa can also be added to smoothies, juice, tea, or sprinkled onto food such as fruit. Presently, moringa is being used to fight malnutrition in developing parts of the world.

In addition, moringa leaf powder has become a very popular nutritional supplement thanks to its powerful antioxidant attributes and vitamins and minerals like essential amino acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, calcium, iron, and protein that it provides. It is believed that moringa aids the process of losing weight and has the capabilities to increase your sex drive, increase a mother’s production of breast milk, and strengthen your immune system.

Moringa has also been found to be effective as a topical treatment for skin ailments such as athlete’s foot, warts, snakebites, and infections. Moringa oil can be found in perfumes, and hair care products and alternative uses for this incredible tree include using the seeds in making cleansers, fertilizer and water purification. As you can see, the moringa tree provides a multitude of uses and no part of the tree goes to waste!

While researchers continue to learn more about the moringa tree, oriental medicine has been using moringa for generations and nutritionists consider moringa to be the ultimate superfood. There is a substantial amount of research available on the benefits of moringa so educate yourself about this “miracle” to see if you want to add it to your plan for attaining and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

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