Golf Your Way to a Longer Life

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Maybe you’ve dealt with those negative pals who claim that golf isn’t a real sport. After all, they say, how can an activity where you ride around in carts be physical activity? Well, if you are an avid (or even just a recreational) golfer, you can now respond to those doubters. It turns out that golfing can actually add years to your life! So the next time you grab your golf clubs and head out the door, know that each round you play is increasing your life expectancy.

What basis is there to say that golf is good for a longer life? According to a research study conducted by Swedish researchers, records show golfers live longer. The Swedish Golf Federation keeps a record of its more than 600,000 members, and this was compared to Sweden’s death records over a span of several decades. When researchers compared the information on golfers and non-golfers of the same age, they discovered that golfers were 40% less likely to have died!

So what is it about golf that has such a positive impact on health and longevity? It could be several reasons. First, a game of golf often takes several hours to complete. During this time, golfers are typically walking, swinging, and spending time outdoors. Despite what many say, it’s also good exercise. Playing 18 holes of golf burns 306 calories an hour when you carry your own clubs, a little less if you pull your bag of clubs or ride in a golf cart. Research also showed that better players with lower handicaps had a lower death rate, possibly due to greater time spent practicing and playing.

If you like to golf, or were thinking about taking it up, there are some things you can do to ensure you are receiving the most benefits from the game. Walk the course if you are able, because this will help you burn the most calories. If you are able to carry your clubs, this is even better, because you’ll be building strength, building up endurance and burning more calories. Golfing more often will also help you to improve your game and reap the benefits from all that exercise. So the next time someone tells you that golf isn’t a real sport, fill them in on this sport’s life-extending benefits and invite them to join you. They might decide to take up golfing and live a longer life, too!

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