Goodell Hopes For HGH Testing Next Season

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While the playoffs are obviously in the NFL spotlight, there is still the issue of HGH testing that has taken a back burner. If you can remember a few months ago, the NFL was set to start HGH testing this season. It was supposed to start and the NFL agreed to the testing. However, the NFLPA has been debating the testing since then. Now, with a few weeks left in the entire season, it doesn’t look like HGH testing is even possible until next season.

The league, and Roger Goodell specifically, has been assured that the test is reliable and they are ready for the testing to be implemented. This last Friday the NFLPA and the leaders in the league met up to try and settle out the issues that the NFLPA have with the testing. They believe that the test isn’t fit for NFL athletes, which are naturally gifted and are generally going to have a higher level of HGH in their body than the HGH test allows. To test the efficacy of the testing, the NFLPA is asking for a league wide population study to find out the average levels of HGH in the NFL players.

Goodell is ready for anything to be done as long as the HGH testing gets implemented is credible. He hopes that the league officials and the NFLPA will agree on the methods of testing during the off season. That way, the testing would start during the start of next season. That will be a whole year late, considering that the testing was supposed to start at week 1 of this season.

So, it looks like HGH testing has become just a rumor this year and maybe next season will show something different. It seems that the NFLPA is a little reluctant for reasons unknown, considering the the MLB already agreed to HGH testing. Also, the NBA has opened up a discussion for HGH testing in the future with the signing of the lockout ending CBA. The NFL made the first move but may be the last to actually implement the testing. We will keep you updated on the latest with this story, as well as HGH testing in other professional sports!

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