Healthy Holiday Eating

 In Nutrition

The holiday season is coming up much faster than expected! Are you prepared to deal with all of that food? Will you be able to pass up all of those dishes that your friends and family will devour? We, at 21st Century HGH, will help you out and aid your your goal to eat healthy during the holidays.

The holiday season means one of two things: you will be celebrating by going out to a restaurant or you will celebrate by making a big dinner at home. You can eat healthy with both of these situations, regardless of what you may have heard.

If you are going to be heading out to restaurants, you will have to be picky while looking at the menus. A lot of restaurants are starting to serve healthier alternatives to their normal dishes. A good meal would be a dinner salad with chicken, or turkey if you want to be more festive! Instead of ordering a soda, unsweetened iced tea is a good choice. Avoid using many condiments and always remember that moderation is key! Even if you do choose to order something unhealthy and treat yourself, make sure you don’t eat too much.

If you are cooking from yourself and/or your family at home, you have more control over how healthy the food will be. You can find a lot of healthy holiday recipes all over the internet so that is a good place to look. With holiday meals, especially Thanksgiving, eating more than you should is a big problem. Make sure to limit yourself. However, we all know that eating a small amount at the holiday dinner table is hard to do. In the case that you do slip up, just do some extra exercise in the following days to make up for it.

Those are some simple, yet effective tips to help your nutritional goals throughout the holiday season. Start preparing recipes now and you will have a completely healthy dinner plan ready to go for the holidays!

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