Healthy Living Checklist

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You can search the internet right now and find thousands and thousands of blog posts that will tell you to live healthy. They may even give you a few good tips but there aren’t many that give you things you need to do. This post will give you a general checklist on how to live healthier. This list is obviously not exhaustive, but it may help you out more than you think!

1. Diet

A. Eat More Fruit.

It is not secret that fruit is good for your body. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

B. Eat More Vegetables.

Same story as the fruit.

C. Eat Less Bad Fats, More Good Fats.

Cut down on the Trans fat and saturated fat intake. Focus more on monounsaturated fats for the majority of your fat intake. Saturated fat is needed however, so don’t eliminate it completely.

D. Eat Complex Carbohydrates, Avoid Simple.

Besides fruit, you want to only eat complex carbohydrates. They are better for you and cause less of an insulin spike due to the glycemic index.

2. Beverages

A. Drink The Right Water.

Don’t drink water from the tap, especially if you live in the city. It is treated with chlorine and all other chemicals that shouldn’t be in water. Only drink purified water, if possible.

B. 100% Juice

If you are going to drink juices, make sure they are 100% juice without sugar added in.

C. Coffee & Soda

Caffeine isn’t good for you. Neither is a load of sugar that you can find in soda and in your coffee. It is recommended to stop drinking soda and only drink decaf coffee. Decaf coffee is good because it is rich in antioxidants but lacks the caffeine that can cause harm. Don’t add too much sugar however.

D. Drink Tea

Black, white, green, whatever tea you want to drink. Try to use a lemon wedge instead of adding any sugar, or even honey if you like your tea hot. It is rich in antioxidants and all natural, which is always good!

E. Cut Back On Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has plenty of negative side effects. We could write a whole article on why it should be avoided but we will save that for another time.

3. Exercise

A. Weight Training

You need to start weight training if you don’t already. It strengthens your whole body and has more positive effects that I can list in this short piece.

B. Cardio

Along with weight training, do cardio consistently. This could be a bike ride, jog around the block, or just hopping on the treadmill.

C. Stretching

This may not seem very important but it is! You can avoid a lot of injuries just by performing normal stretching routines.

4. Environment

A. Breathe Healthy

Yes, the air we breathe is important to our health. Invest in an air purifier and avoid the city streets when it is a really smoggy day. Also, don’t smoke! It is obviously bad and if you want to live healthier, it is something that you will have to give up!

B. Sunlight

Our bodies need to be exposed to the sun daily to produce Vitamin D and to stay healthy. Our internal clocks get out of whack if we stay out of the sun too much. The sun is good!

C. Medication/Supplements

If you don’t need a supplement or medicine, don’t take it. Avoid nutritional supplements that have ingredients found in foods. You can eat right instead of using a lot of supplements. Only use supplements when it is necessary and you can’t get it anywhere else, ie our homeopathic HGH supplements. Only use medication if you really need it.

D. Positive Attitude

Yes, your attitude has to do with your health. Being pessimistic instead of optimistic raises your chances for heart disease and heart attacks! If you don’t believe me, look it up! Also, reduce your stress level! It has unwanted effects.

So, there is a checklist for you to start out with. Once you get more advanced, you can delve deeper in each of these categories and get even healthier! If you are doing all of these right, you are on the right track. Ignoring one or two of these won’t hurt you too much but it is obviously best if you could stick to all of these. Have any tips that we forgot? Tell us with a comment!

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