Healthy Weight Loss Has Anti-Aging Benefits

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Losing weight, even those five extra pounds, can provide big health benefits if done properly. Fasts, pills, fad diets and extreme fitness programs may show fast results, but these results are often difficult to maintain and you may find that the weight comes right back. Losing weight slowly with a healthy diet and regular exercise provides many important health benefits, including several anti-aging benefits. As we age it becomes harder to maintain or lose weight, but if you resolve to get to your healhy weight through proper diet and exercise before then, you will potentially avoid life threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes, feel younger and look younger.

Losing weight is best done in a slow, measured, carefully planned manner. However, every advertisement and product out there wants us to believe otherwise. It’s hard for healthy eating and exercise to compete with pills that can take off 8 pounds in a weekend or a juice fast that can trim your waist and provide all your daily nutrients in one cup. However tempting it may be to consider one of those claims, it is actually your goal of long-term health that may persuade you to make your weight loss slow and steady. And if you are concerned with preventing the signs of aging, then this type of weight loss has the ability to make you look and feel younger.

No matter if you have 3 or 30 pounds to lose, it may seem easier to take the fastest method possible to lose tose pounds. However, rapid weight loss is actually unhealthy for your body and can wreak havoc on your skin. Losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time doesn’t give your skin time to slowly adjust to your new size and shape. Skin has a great amount of elasticity that can actually pull itself together if you stick to losing a pound or two a week. Losing too much weight too soon will result in loose, sagging skin that may require surgery to tuck or remove extra skin, which can put you at risk for surgical complications.

Another pitfall that comes from losing too much weight too soon is that it throws your body out of balance, especially if the weight loss comes from a liquid diet or a diet where you cut out large categories of food. Your body is designed to take in and use a certain amount of nutrients every day. When your body lacks nutrients that it should be getting from diet, it depletes your normal levels and can even lead to dangerous conditions such as heart failure or extreme fatigue. Rapid weight loss can also affect your blood sugar and leave you dehydrated. Being thinner may not seem so important when faced with the real possibility of experiencing a dangerous reaction as a result of your diet.

If you are embarking on your own personal weight loss journey, you may now be considering which program will work best for you. A structured meal delivery program, a new diet book, or an app for your phone? No matter which choice you make in regards to how you will lose the weight, it is in the best interest of your body and also to your future self to do it in a slow manner.

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