Herbs and Spices: More Than Just Seasonings?

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Chances are, you already know all about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, or how antioxidants have amazing benefits, or how super foods can protect against diseases. Tackling health issues by changing or improving your diet has been shown to help reduce the severity or incidence of disease and help you look and feel better overall. But there’s another ingredient you can add to help spice up your diet, while also giving your body and mind the anti-aging boost it needs. Those fragrant herbs and tasty spices you already use to help the dishes you create taste delicious may also help you prevent or lessen many of the signs of aging. Here are five of the ingredients you use to help healthy food taste great, along with the anti aging benefits they provide.

Sage Helps Reduce Inflammation

When cells become inflamed for extended periods of time, it speeds up the aging process for the whole body. Keeping this inflammation under control can help prevent many of the detrimental effects inflammation can have on the body, including chronic inflammation that can happen as a result of certain conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, or heart problems that are a result of hardening of the arteries.

Oregano Is an Antioxidant
Oregano is often the go-to seasoning for delicious Italian dishes such as spaghetti sauce, but it is also a powerful antioxidant due to rosmarinic acid, a compound it contains that can combat free radicals in the body. Many people are unaware that oregano also has strong antibiotic and anti fungal properties, which can help with the treatment of numerous fungal infections.
Ginger is Your Immune System’s Friend
If you are looking for ways to boost your immune system, ginger is a great spice to add to your diet. It also has a number of other uses . . . ginger is another spice that has anti-inflammatory properties, which provides great benefits to your heart and your arteries as you age. Eating ginger can also help your body fight bacteria and fungal infections, helps lower cholesterol, and helps treat nausea, making it a great natural remedy for pregnant women.
Cinnamon Is a Beneficial Flavoring
Many of our tastiest dishes include a sprinkle of cinnamon . . . think apple pie, cinnamon rolls, or even savory dishes such as sauces and stews. In addition to adding great flavor to our recipes, cinnamon adds great benefits to our health. It’s an anti inflammatory that helps relieve the discomfort caused to muscles and joints from arthritis. Plus, cinnamon’s antibiotic properties can help when addressing conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, or urinary tract infections.

Turmeric Has Thousands of Years of Effective Use

Turmeric has been used in Indian cooking and medicine for thousands of years to treat all kinds of conditions and ailments. As a natural painkiller, it can provide the same pain relief as ibuprofen for conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint pain, and body aches and pain. There may even be a link between Turmeric and reduced severity of Alzheimer’s.

Spicing up your diet with beneficial herbs and spices will do wonders for your taste buds, but even more than that, it may help you live a long, healthy life!


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