HGH & Professional Sports

 In Athletics, HGH in Pro Sports

Many professional sports leagues are considering HGH testing. The minor leagues of baseball have already implemented these tests and have suspended players due to failed tests. The NFL is going to be starting HGH testing soon, as soon as both sides agree to the way that the athletes will be tested. But, why is HGH being banned in sports? In fact, HGH has been proven to give users positive results with very little side effects.

The side against HGH will say that people use HGH as a steriod-like substance. Any steriod usage in sports should be monitored due to the users gaining an unfair advantage and also taking on risks of many side effects. While that is true for steriods, HGH is not a steriod. It doesn’t produce steriod-like side effects or unfair advantages. In fact, all it does for athletes is positive things.

HGH has been proven to help the healing process. Injured players have probably taken HGH before to heal faster. Taking HGH in this case is just like taking pain medication or having surgery to reduce the recovery time. If players wanted to get steriod-like results, they would probably try to go under the radar while taking a legitimate steriod. HGH isn’t the answer when people are looking for artificial muscle stimulants.

Seeing that HGH is relatively new to the medical market, many people are overreacting and making false assumptions. For that reason, people are assuming that athletes are abusing this medical miracle as well. At 21st Century HGH we think that the professional leagues need to really study HGH usage before they ban substances that they don’t fully understand yet.

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