HGH Testing In The NBA

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In the midst of the NBA lockout that had been going on for months, the possibility for HGH testing of its players has sprung up. This sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Well, the new deal between the players and the owners has allowed HGH testing to come into the agreement if both sides agree on the testing.

One has to ask, will this turn out exactly like the NFL did? As you can recall, the NFLPA is still holding back from agreeing to HGH testing because they still haven’t concluded that the means of testing are sufficient. Recently, the MLB become the first major sports league to implement HGH testing of its players, even though the NFL did come to the agreement a few months before. However, the situation between the NFL and the NBA seems to be a little different.

The means of testing will be examined by a neutral committee instead of by both parties their selves. That means the player’s union in the NBA doesn’t really have a chance to challenge the means of testing at the moment. That could mean that the NBA will become the 2nd official professional sports league to adopt HGH testing of its players, and pass up the NFL just like the MLB did.

So far, the deal says that their will be off-season HGH testing of the players, just like that of the MLB deal. There are no details yet about the possibility of in season testing. What do you think about all the American professional sports leagues banning HGH use? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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