HGH & The NFL – An Update

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Ryan McBean and D.J. Williams of the Denver Broncos recently got suspended for the first six games next season for breaking the substance abuse policy of the NFL. So, how does this affect the possibility of the NFLPA and the NFL coming to terms to start the HGH testing for next season? Well, lets look into the details of the cases of the two Broncos players.

Both of the players were being tested for banned substances (which currently doesn’t include HGH) and they were found with non-human urine during the tests. Instead of drug testing the players again and verifying that they cheated the system, the NFL automatically gave them the suspension. This becomes an issue for the NFLPA because the whole reason that they have been stalling the HGH testing was to get an independent testing agency to test the players, who isn’t connected to the players or the league. They wanted to do this so they get what they think is fair treatment with any suspicious cases.

Some more details may even add to the assumption that the league is out to punish people who are even mentioned in the same sentence as drug test. According to the two players, the way the samples were collected were the problem (which was what Ryan Braun of the MLB said a few months ago). The NFLPA even said that the person who tested the players was relieved of their duty for not following the proper procedure. And yet, the NFL still suspended the players without verification.

After these two players are punished, the NFLPA will obviously push harder to get an independent arbitrator for the testing. However, the league has been resisting this the whole time. In effect, these two cases will lead to even more of a stalemate for HGH testing in the NFL, and it may never even happen!

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