High Blood Pressure And Exercise

 In Fitness

High blood pressure and normal workout programs just don’t really work well together. Luckily for you, this article lists out 7 of the best tips to use while exercising and suffering from high blood pressure!

1. Lighter Workouts – Don’t overdo it in the gym. Stay in the gym for a little over 30 minutes and don’t do anything more strenuous than a light jog continuously.

2. Do What You Enjoy – Getting stressed out in the gym by doing something you don’t like to do is not what you are aiming to do. Instead, just stick to what you like doing, as long as it involves some type of physical exercise.

3. Start Slower – Don’t jump into a full sprint right off the bat. That isn’t healthy for anybody! Just slowly build your way up to your peak!

4. Warm Up/Cool Down – Make sure to do a warm up before you start your exercise program and do a cool down afterwards.

5. Control Your Breathing – Breathing the right way does wonders for you in the gym and can definitely help you. Don’t ever hold your breath!

6. Listen To Your Body – If you start feeling signs of any kind of problems that you may encounter, just stop your exercise for the day. A short day in the gym is not a bad thing, especially if your health is an issue!

7. Exercise Smart – Don’t go in the gym and try and lift 500 lbs. on your first day. Exercise smart and you won’t have anything to worry about!

So, there is 7 tips that you can use to exercise while suffering from high blood pressure. Exercise can be a great way to keep your high blood pressure in check, if you do it the right way!

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