Highlights of Recent HGH Survey by MedReviews

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Consumer review website, MedReviews recently released the results of a survey it had conducted on the benefits and side effects of HGH supplements. This survey showed the side effects and benefits that HGH supplements for anti-aging and bodybuilding could have on the body. In order to achieve this result, MedReviews used a total of 60 people for the survey (30 tested for anti-aging while the remaining 30 were tested for the bodybuilding supplements).

In the report released by MedReviews, they also included that none of the side effects that have been known to occur with injections showed forth with supplements, which reiterated the fact that supplements are safer to use. The analysis showed that if a Human Growth Hormone injection is not administered properly, it can lead to health issues such as eyebrow and jaw deformation, heart defects, or cancer.

It is widely thought that Human Growth Hormones have side effects associated with them and that one of the most notable side effects is that the body would either stop or reduce the hormonal glands function.

However, MedReviews was quick to defunct these false facts and reported that it was only Big Pharma’s way of discouraging people so that they would not choose this option but instead buy more expensive drugs. These drugs in the end have more side effects than the HGH injection.

MedReviews also pointed out that a number of endocrinologists have also contributed to the public’s fear in using HGH injections by releasing information detailing the possible side effects of HGH. However, what these professionals failed to point out is the fact that HGH can help to fight against lots of anti-aging conditions.

In the survey, the 60 people who were used as a sample for the test experienced several anti-aging and bodybuilding benefits with HGH and they were asked to rate them on a scale of 1-10.

The average results for the participants on the benefits of HGH for anti-aging and bodybuilding were rated on a scale of 10. The scores are as follows:

• Diminished wrinkles 6.1
• Firmer skin 7.2
• Increased energy 7.8
• Decreased body fat 5.9
• Sleep quality 8.1
• Nail strength 6.8
• Restored hair condition 6.2
• Overall mood 7.7
• Verbal fluency 6.9
• Libido and Sexual satisfaction 7.9

For those who were tested with HGH for bodybuilding, the following benefits were shown on a scale of 10:

• Increased lean muscle 7.2
• Resistance exercises 8.2

The answers clearly illustrate that all of the benefits that were listed for HGH showed positive results, judging by the scores given from the participants of the survey.

MedReviews pointed out that even though the technique used to carry out the survey was not optimal, the results that were shown were significant and authentic. MedReviews added that in order to record success with HGH, customers should ensure that they buy supplements that have been tested and trusted within medical guidelines because the HGH supplements used in the course of the survey were tested under strict medical provisions.

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