Hollywood’s Anti-Aging Secret: HGH

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Anyone who has watched a movie, read a celebrity news magazine, watched television, or generally paid any attention at all to the world of high profile celebrities knows that in Hollywood, appearance is (almost) everything. Paparazzi love getting photos of celebrities caught off guard, so the world can see them as they really are: people who have wrinkles, cellulite, gray hair and sagging body parts, just like the rest of the world. The only difference is that celebrities rely on their looks to make money, so they require makeup artists, nutritionists and fitness experts so they can keep in tip-top form. However, the other side of the celebrity equation is that they age just like the rest of us, too. If you’ve ever seen those photos of celebrities who have had injections, operations, or “work done” that looks obvious and overdone, you know that many celebrities will do whatever it takes to stay looking young and healthy. Every once in a while, you’ll see a candid shot of a celebrity, on vacation, maybe in a bikini or swim shorts looking…fabulous. Their secret? It’s Human Growth Hormone!

Famous personalities know that getting injections or operations come with risks that could not only harm their health, but stall their careers, too. However, in a business where people are expected to look young and vibrant; they are always looking for the fountain of youth, one that will help them hang on to their health and career, too. That’s why HGH has become such a hot trend in Hollywood. Not only do doctors encourage their clients to use it, but they themselves are vocal about the many benefits of HGH use, since they rely on HGH themselves to look and feel years younger. The benefits range from fewer wrinkles and more energy to increasing lean muscle and improving mood. For people who are constantly on public display, jetting all over the world and hoping to extend their careers for many years to come, turning to HGH is a natural and positive move in a world where the solutions can often be dangerous or unhealthy. Who wouldn’t want a solution that will not only make you look younger and healthier, but have you feeling like a person half your age?

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma to using a substance to “help” improve your appearance and health, whether it be weight loss pills, banned substances in sports, or procedures such as liposuction or Botox. The same is true of the use of HGH among Hollywood’s elite. Many will not publicly speak about their reliance on HGH as an aid to anti-aging, in fact many who have received documented shipments of HGH have publicly denied their usage. Some, mainly action stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Nick Nolte or celebrity personalities like Suzanne Somers and Alana Stewart are proud of the way their bodies look and openly discuss their usage of HGH as part of their anti-aging regimen. Still others, including names well-known in the hip hop community such as Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent, have been linked to HGH but have not discussed the matter publicly.

The truth of the matter is that many of Hollywood’s elite, from actors to filmmakers to musicians, have made careers out of a public persona, and they hope to stay in the public eye as young, vibrant and beautiful people for as many years as they can. Because they are real people with real bodies and aging concerns just like the rest of us, they know that using Human Growth Hormone is an effective and useful performance enhancer. You may not be walking a red carpet anytime soon, but you may look like you should be when you try Hollywood’s elite anti-aging secret: HGH!

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