How Human Growth Hormone Affects Your Body

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According to athletes, bodybuilders, celebrities, and millions of Baby Boomers, Human Growth Hormone is something special. When you’ve got plenty of it, you feel and look younger and fitter, and when you don’t, you could experience a number of problems ranging from fatigue and weight gain to major diseases. HGH gets the most press (especially in the Summer of 2013), for its ability to help athletes recover from injury and increase lean muscle mass. However, HGH affects other parts of your body, too. Here’s a look at the many ways HGH can improve your insides.

HGH and the Brain: Although you can increase the size of your brain with HGH to become smarter, it does offer some important brain boosting benefits. HGH can help brain and nerve tissue on a cellular level, and some research shows that optimal levels of HGH can help bolster the connections between neurons (although it can’t help you grow new ones). Also, HGH may have an effect on neurotransmitters, which can potentially speed up and enhance the brain’s fiction, which could be why many people say their mental fog has dissipated once they began taking HGH.

HGH and the Heart:
In order to help your body increase lean muscle mass, there has to also be some reduction in body fat. Many report that HGH helps people with fat loss, and this can have positive effects for the heart. When your body increases the amount of muscle mass it has, this helps increase your metabolic rate and energy levels, which in turn can help reduce cholesterol. This decrease in cholesterol and the resulting heart disease that often goes hand in hand with high cholesterol can help your ticker perform better and longer than without HGH.

HGH and Immunity: Many people start thinking about their immune system right around this time of year, as the cold and flu season is suddenly imminent, but immunity is important all the time. Your immune system is another important body system that can get weaker with age. Did you ever notice how a simple infection can be fought off easily by a young adult, but could put an older person in the hospital on the brink of death?

As we age, we become more susceptible to viruses, infections, bacteria and autoimmune disorders. There’s plenty of evidence that shows having optimal levels of HGH can help the immune system function better and help your body fight threats the way it did when you were younger. As we age, certain hormone levels drop, and it puts the endocrine system out of whack, which effects the immune system. Proper levels of HGH can fix this problem, and ensure that your immune system is as robust as possible.

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