How Nutrition and Exercise Key Brain Health

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We typically see people take the utmost care of their skin, hair, and body. But do we really think about our brain’s health? Honestly, how many of you think about working out or eating certain foods as keys for the sound health of your brain?

The brain is the most important part of our body. Almost all our activities are dependent on our brain. Your brain health is important for your physical health and well-being. Two things help you improve your mental health: Exercise and proper diet. Let’s discuss these things in detail for more clarity:

Exercise and Mental Health

Yes, you have read it correctly, exercise does have an impact on your mental health. It is a myth that exercise improves only your physical health. Exercise plays a very important role in improving your mental health as well.
Exercising releases certain hormones in your body, such as “serotonin” and “endorphins”. These hormones reduce the feeling of anxiety, depression and stress.

Exercise makes you feel better and boosts your mood instantly while making you more physically fit.

Exercise does not only mean working out in a gym. It’s also important to perform some brain exercises. E.g.: solve some puzzles, crosswords, play chess etc. Although you may not be able to solve the puzzles, make an attempt as this will boost the working and sharpness of your brain.

Also take some time out and meditate. This relaxes your muscles and nerves, thus making your brain feel rejuvenated. Take some time each day and meditate with light music playing and feel the difference instantly.

Yoga has also become a popular activity for relaxing your body and soul. It really helps your brain by giving you positive energy and keeps you enthusiastic throughout the day. Add yoga into your weekly routine and experience improved mental health.

Nutrition and Mental Health

• Do not skip breakfast: The very basic and first point you need to note is never ever skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the first thing you eat after your dinner the previous night. Your brain needs energy and fuel to function efficiently. So eat a breakfast packed with vitamins and carbohydrates.

• Smart snacks: If you have these cravings of snacking then binge on pumpkin and sunflower seeds. These seeds are not only good for your brain but also have essential vitamins which keep your body healthy.

• Add colors to your diet: Add a myriad of colors from fruits and veggies to your diet. This is because these bright colored fruits and veggies contain high levels of anti-oxidants and Omega 3, which are essential for sound brain health.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, studies have found that an activity like ball room dancing is particularly effective in stimulating brain growth. So why wait? Exercise your brain, eat right, and dance your way to optimal brain health.

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