Inner Thigh Workouts for Men Can Bust Fat and Prevent Injury

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It may seem as if the inner thigh area is one that most poses a problem for women, but this is not always the case. Many men would like to have a lean, toned thigh area. Plus, the muscles of the groin and inner thigh area, abductors, need to be stretched and strengthened to prevent injury, especially painful groin pulls. Neglecting these important muscles can lead to shorter, tighter muscles that are injury prone or actually begin to limit your leg’s natural range of motion. There are many exercises you can do to build muscle or bulk up your thighs, but if you are a man looking to reduce fat or tone up the thigh area to help prevent injury and enhance performance, here are some great exercises designed to help you.

Squats are great at working the thigh muscles, and adjusting your squat position slightly provides a great inner thigh workout.All of the following squat variations will help you achieve the inner thigh toning results you are looking for.

Power squat: To do a power squat, place your feet a little wider than shoulder width, placing the weight on your legs rather than your lower back. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold the position for a few seconds, and then come back to your starting position.

Wide angle squat: A wide angle squat is one of the best exercises for inner thighs. Place your feet a little wider than your shoulders, and then turn your feet so they are facing out, like a duck. Bend your knees so each knee is facing the opposite direction and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold the position and then return to your starting position.

Side Squat: Place your feet shoulder width apart. Step out to the right to a squat position with your thighs parallel to the floor. Hold for five seconds, return to the center, and then squat to the left side. Holding a weight in each hand will boost the impact of this exercise.

If at any time during these exercises you feel pressure in your lower back or pain in your knees, stop and check your position. Proper position makes all the difference between a great workout and an injury!

Side lunges: These side lunges are great for working both inner and outer thighs. To work the inner thighs, place your right leg out in front of you and slightly to the left side. Bend your knees until the left knee almost touches the floor and the right thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to your starting position and switch sides.

Skater lunges: This will remind you of an Olympic speed skater, and you’ve seen their thigh muscles, right? Impressive! Start by standing with your hands on your hips, and your feet shoulder width apart. Cross your left leg behind your right leg and bend your right knee until you can touch the ground in front of you. Return to the starting position and then switch to the other side.

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