Is HGH Misunderstood?

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People who are knowledgeable about Human Growth Hormone, how it works, and what it does in the body understand why HGH supplementation is important. But there’s many more people out there who are confused, misinformed, or just unaware of the importance of HGH and the role it plays in an adult’s body, especially as it related to anti-aging. It’s a shame that this hormone is so poorly understood, since it can be so incredibly beneficial once understood and increased in the body through proper supplementation and natural boosts through food, sleep, and exercise. Here are some of the most common HGH misunderstandings, and what you need to know instead.

1. It’s only beneficial for kids. This misunderstanding is probably due mostly to the name “Human Growth Hormone.” Many people know that HGH is important for kids to maintain proper growth and development, and assume that adults simply don’t need HGH because they’re done growing. Don’t believe this for one second. The role of HGH changes significantly once the body is done growing. It actually becomes the body’s repair and maintenance hormone. This is especially important as we age and certain processes and body parts depend on that special repair function in order to help us live long, healthy lives.

2. It’s made naturally by the pituitary gland, so I don’t have to worry about supplements. Supplementing with HGH is perhaps one of the most important and beneficial anti-aging moves you can make! When your body is done with the growth phase, usually around late adolescence, the amount of HGH naturally produced by your body begins to fall. However, this doesn’t mean your body doesn’t still need that HGH. In fact, in order to help maintain your tissues, organs, muscles, and skin, you likely need HGH more than ever. Keeping your HGH at optimal levels with safe, natural HGH supplements is key to a long life.

3. It’s only for athletes. There’s no doubt that HGH can help amateur athletes and people who are committed to healthy exercise perform better. The muscle growth and repair function alone could prove to be the difference between chasing your fitness goals and meeting or exceeding them! But HGH is not just for athletes. Anyone who wants to age gracefully and feel and look great while doing it would benefit from taking HGH supplements.

4. It’s too expensive. As compared to some things, HGH may seem like an investment. But is there a price on living a longer life free of pain and disease? We say, definitely not! Plus, you might find that over time, your investment in HGH will pay off in many other ways, not the least of which is that you incur fewer medical expenses down the road. Faster recovery from injury, healthier skin, fully functioning organs, tissues, and muscles – there’s really no way to attach a price tag to those healthy benefits.

5. No supplement can turn back the hands of time. While it’s true that people can’t get back lost time, you can choose right this minute to live a healthier, happier, and ultimately longer life! Choosing to eat healthy food, engage in regular exercise, manage stress, and get plenty of rest are all good steps in the right direction. Adding to the mix by choosing to take a safe, natural HGH supplement may not get you back lost years, but may make the years you have remaining some of the best years of your life – there’s no misunderstanding that!

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