Is High Intensity Training for You?

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You may know by now that two of the best workouts for increasing natural HGH production are resistance training and High intensity interval training. But did you know that there’s another type of workout that could offer you great benefits once you incorporate it into your fitness routine? It’s high intensity strength training, and it has the potential to offer you better results in less time.

What is High Intensity Strength Training (HIT)?

In one word, it’s quality. While the strength training you’re used to is more focused on number of sets and reps, HIT is more focused on how you do those movements. When you’re strength training using the principles of HIT, you’re able to slow down and focus on your form as you perform fewer, but more focused, sets. As you perform each repetition, take a few more seconds to lift the weight, and several more seconds to lower it, paying attention to the slow, controlled muscle movement that occurs. Make sure to complete each movement without overextending, and as you near the end of your set, try to keep form rather than rely on other muscle groups to take some of the load as you fatigue the muscles you are using. Stick to the proper movement, even though it will feel harder than it did at the beginning of the set.

Setting Goals for HIT Training

As you establish and progress along a traditional strength training regimen, you typically build upon your progress by adding either more weight or more reps as you master the movement. In HIT training, you would also add weight and reps as you strengthen those muscles, but there’s also another important factor to consider. You also want to increase how long you keep the muscle you are working in constant tension. The key to this is building up to more weight, more reps and more time in tension while making sure that each movement is performed with perfect form. This allows the muscle you are working on to fatigue quicker, which will help you ultimately achieve results quicker.

How Does HIT Training Benefit Your HGH Production?

Introducing controlled muscle fatigue through steady movements using perfect form is a great way to achieve visible results, plus it can also help with your body’s production of HGH. After a workout where you’ve introduced quite a bit of muscle fatigue, it’s always smart to build a proper rest period into your routine. During this day or so, your body will need to repair the tiny tears that have occurred in those muscles, and it will use HGH to help it do so. Another great fitness tip that can help you achieve maximum results, and boost your body’s HGH production, too!

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