Keeping The Treadmill Fun

 In Fitness

The treadmill is probably the most used cardio machine used in any gym. However, a lot of people are not big fans of the treadmill simply because they get bored of it. This article will show you ways to keep yourself interested in this great piece of equipment.

First, listening to your favorite music is important. If you just run without music or something to watch, like the TV in your gym, you will probably get bored very fast. I would recommend music over TV. For music, I would recommended something that gets you motivated.

You need to implement new ways to use the treadmill. For instance, interval training can be very fun. Instead of running for 45 minutes at the same speed the whole time, have short bursts of fast running and slow instances right after that. Interval training will definitely get your heart going and help you burn even more calories. You can also use some of the built in ‘trails’ programmed onto certain treadmills. Some of them offer runs like climbing a mountain or jogging around a certain lake and the speed and incline represent the real world running place. It can be fun to say that you did the equivalent of climbing a mountain in the gym.

The best way to stay interested in the treadmill is to keep track of your runs. In our previous post about fitness tracking, we showed the importance of it for progress. However, we didn’t mention that it is really fun when you get to beat a previous record that you have. Looking back through your journal can really make you feel like you accomplished something because of the progress that you made. It is really rewarding!

There are a lot of tips out there for keeping the treadmill fun. I hope some of our readers have some tips that they would like to share with the others. If so, leave a comment and show off your methods. We would all love to read them and try them out sometime!

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