Living Green To Live Healthy

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While this is not an environmental blog, the topic does relate to health in a lot of ways. The health of the planet definitely affects your health as well! This post show you what you can do to live healthier and live green at the same time.

Reduce Water Bottles

Instead of buying a water at the store every day for whatever reason, invest in a stainless steel water bottle that you can wash and reuse for a long time. This is obviously great for the environment by reducing plastic use, and it helps your health since you get to avoid drinking from a plastic water bottle. The plastic from the bottle can leak into the water and over time can lead to a dangerous amount of carcinogen consumption.

Eat More Friendly Foods

Instead of buying packaged and processed foods in plastic and cardboard, you can eat more fresh food to save yourself and the world. The processed and pre=packaged foods are usually not too healthy for you (chips, cookies, etc.) and their packaging isn’t good for the world.

Chemical Free Supplements

Try to use supplements that don’t use chemicals in the creation of the products, which can be harmful for the environment and the individual using them.

You can do a lot more for the world, and yourself, like reducing the use of plastic sandwich bags for your lunch. You can add spider plants to your home to help your personal environment and health by taking out the carbon monoxide in the air. The possibilities are limitless! Do you have any tips that will help our readers’ health, as well as the environment? Let us know with a comment below!

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