Looking for the Link Between Anti-Aging and Fitness? (Hint: The Initials are HGH!)

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Exercise could be one of the most potent “medications” available to us, and the best news is that it’s often free, you can engage in it at anytime, and it provides only benefits. There’s nothing on the shelves or available at the pharmacy that is proven to control weight, prevent disease, and prolong life quite like regular exercise. Now that we know exercise has the potential to increase your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone, there’s almost no end to the potential good a combination of HGH and exercise can do. Now, it seems that this potent combination of fitness and Human Growth Hormone is also one of the most effective weapons we have against anti-aging!

Published studies have shown that high-intensity exercise, sustained for a minimum of 10 minutes, can stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormone. Journals such as the Mechanisms of Aging and Development and the Journal of Sports Medicine have done studies on the links between exercise, the production of HGH and, ultimately, how it all affects aging. As people age, exercise seems to have a greater beneficial impact on the body’s ability to keep itself young.

As cells age, it can wreak havoc on your body. Most people undergoing the “normal” aging process can expect to experience the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, disease or problems with vision and hearing in part because the cells in your body start aging from the moment you’re born and, over time, can no longer sustain life and die off. When this happens to too many cells, you’ve essentially reached the end of your natural lifespan. This is without the added stress on your cells from exposure to environmental toxins, free radicals, cigarette smoke, or lifestyle stress from obesity and unhealthy foods.

Keeping your cells healthy is one of the keys to having a long and healthy life, and it is now becoming clear that a natural boost in your body’s production of HGH through regular high-intensity exercise is a key component in reversing the aging process. In order to perform the high intensity exercises that best boost HGH production, you don’t need expensive equipment, a gym membership, or special fitness knowledge. You can even incorporate it into your current fitness routine:

1. Whatever your preferred exercises are, a few (no more than three) times a week, insert intervals of about half a minute of intense exercise where your heart rate ramps up to its anaerobic threshold, and then “rest” at your normal pace for about a minute and a half.

2. Work up to doing this again seven more times during your workout, repeating the high intensity and resting portions of the workout. Depending on your level of fitness, it may take days or weeks to work up to the eight total bouts of intense/resting cycles during your routine.

When you are exercising at your most intense level (even though it seems like it’s just a quick burst), your body is producing the maximum amount of HGH it can, leading to better fitness, a younger body and possibly a longer life!

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