Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

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As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, a greater emphasis has been placed on fitness and wellbeing for seniors. For seniors, it has become a necessity to achieve a certain level of physical fitness in order to battle against the health issues that come with old age. Hence, it is necessary to perform a certain level of physical activity to reach those fitness goals.
Seniors can benefit from many activities that will keep them active. There are certain factors to be considered before starting an exercise program. Some factors include: the medical clearance from your healthcare provider, your age, any other health concerns, and the level of available free time.
Unlike activities such as weightlifting or sports like golf, walking, water sports, cycling, and yoga are some low impact exercise programs that, as a senior, you can incorporate into your daily routine. These low impact exercises will reap many health benefits such as lowering stress and blood pressure. Other great attributes of these exercises are that they do not demand a large amount of time and they offer social opportunities since these great exercises can be shared with family and friends.


It is the simplest and the easiest exercise to begin with. It requires very little, if any, preparation. The minimum investment you need to make is finding a good pair of walking shoes which are comfortable and fit your feet properly. In addition, there is no need for specialized equipment or a specialized place required to perform walking. The speed of your walking and the distance can be controlled depending on the level of your health status. You can begin walking slowly for a short distance and build up your endurance.

Water sports

Two examples of this group of sports include swimming and water aerobics. These exercises may require that a trainer be involved to teach proper technique and for safety purposes. Water sports have a special advantage over the other exercises since they reduce the stress and the involvement of joints during the exercises. Exercising in the water can be a great option for seniors that are unable to walk distances or participate in strength building exercises like yoga.


Riding a bicycle can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Whether riding outside or a stationary bike indoors, there is typically minimal stress on joints and pedaling helps to build up your body’s endurance. A recent study found that cycling also helps to reduce the risk of heart attack.


Yoga can be the ideal mode of exercise for seniors, which not only raises your fitness level, but also helps to get rid of stress. These specialized forms of exercises, combined with special breathing training, help you to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance.

In conclusion, the exercises for seniors need not be complex, but can be simple like walking, water sports, cycling, and yoga. As a senior, these simple and easy exercises will help you to reach your desired fitness level and enjoy your later years to the fullest.

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