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There are many people in the world that start diets every day. However, the amount of people that actually follow through with eating healthy is much lower than the amount that start it. That is because people are thinking that eating healthy is easy compared to what they are doing now and don’t know how to last with the diet. This post will give you some easy tips to keep yourself on track for the rest of your life!

Ease Into It

You can’t just jump into eating healthy and expect to go cold turkey and never eat unhealthy again. That is just asking for relapses and binges that will hinder your goals. Unfortunately, many people quit because they jump right in. Instead, you want to start eating healthy slowly. Make one meal a day healthy for the first week and every week after that you can add another healthy meal until you are a month and a half in and you eat nothing but healthy meals (it is a month and a half in because to eat healthy you should be eating 6 smaller meals a day).


Many people also fail with variety in their healthy diets. People think that they have to stick with the same exact foods over and over because they don’t know of any other healthy foods. In reality, there are thousands of healthy foods and meals that you can make to add variety and keep you on the right track. Don’t limit yourself to a 2 page cookbook! If you are having trouble finding healthy recipes for meals, a quick search online will find you millions!

Cheat Meals

Cheat meals are the best way to make sure that you never have to give up healthy eating because you can’t handle it. A cheat meal is basically a meal that you are going to eat whatever you have been craving since you started to eat healthy, like pizza, a hamburger, or whatever else you can think of. At first, you can allow yourself to have more cheat meals per week and work your way down to one cheat meal a week over time. Once you get to that one cheat meal a week, you know you are eating very healthy and one bad meal will never hinder your goals, unless you eat ten times as many calories as you should!

So, there are 3 tips that will help you on the road to healthy eating and living for the rest of your life! Do you have any great nutrition tips? Let us know with a comment below!

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