Make Fitness Fun Again!

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If exercising to get fit or lose weight brings visions of treadmills or lifting weights into your head, you’re not alone. Many people associate exercise with work, not play, and even though most of us know how good working out is for our body and mind, we tend to think of it as a chore like doing the dishes or mowing the lawn. Fortunately, there are some fitness enthusiasts who want to set us straight. They have created new workouts that are effective yet fun, making our time working out seem like recess rather than math class. Enjoy one of these new fitness trends and see your workout go from ho hum to hot in no time.

Yes, sir! Everyone knows that military personnel are subjected to rigorous physical training in order to prepare for the grueling obstacles they will face during deployment. Even though you aren’t in the military, you can still get in shape as if you were. Boot camp style workouts take you through the paces and are fun and effective, too. You can take a boot camp style class, use one of the many military-themed workout DVD’s available, or try a workout based on a military-inspired approach, such as the popular Cross Fit.

Dancing With the Stars. You don’t have to be a celebrity to add dancing to your fitness regimen. There are a number of dance classes that are effective at improving your toning, balance, posture, and more. Plus, you can take part in this trend even if you have two left feet, since the range of workouts available are suitable for beginners or advanced participants alike. Go traditional with a ballet-inspired class, or try something out of the ordinary like Zumba, hip-hop, or Middle Eastern-inspired classes.

Get Some Air. Some workouts give your body all the fitness it can handle without your feet even touching the ground! Whether you’re suspended a few feet above the fitness room floor on a hoop, or using strong fabric to hold you in certain positions as you work your muscles, or even going really out there by learning the trapeze, defying gravity is good for you! Another above ground workout is the studio or gym-based Pilates done on an apparatus that lengthens and strengthens your body.

Get the Rhythm. Think drumming is for high school band members or long haired rock gods? Not when it’s done in a fitness class such as Pound or Drums Alive. These new classes have participants drumming with weighted drumsticks while working up a sweat. The fun combination of drumming, music and movement will have your heart rate up and your “cool” factor set to high!

Tech Toning. Wii was the latest and greatest in the new movement-based gaming revolution, so much so that people began to play video game systems as their workouts. There’s still good reason to add this activity to your routine, whether you’re doing a game on your own, or spending time with your family. Depending on the video game system you have, your workouts will be done with you holding a controller, standing on a balance board, or using your body movements to control the avatar on-screen.

When you think of fitness, think of all the benefits a regular fitness routine will provide to your health, but also think fun! The latest workout trends show that getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be so serious. Lighten up your workout, and you can bet you’ll be lightening up some pounds and your overall outlook, too!

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